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In partnership with Future Earth & , the Worlds We Want is a new podcast exploring cutting-edge research, projects and people working for positive transitions in the Anthropocene. Can hope trump apocalypse?

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Science Borealis

Mar 30, 2018


Issues of sustainability are typically tied to the language of science research. Solutions are often described in technical terms without much mention of the broader public who will ultimately be affected and have to participate in some way, shape or form. In episode 2, we looked into the research-side of this question when we discussed transdisciplinary research. Today we're gonna try to tackle the communications side of sustainable transitions for the worlds we want and hopefully illustrate the challenges and opportunities for scientists, policymakers, and the average citizen.

In this show, we are going to talk about some of the issues inherent to science communication and Future Earth's role in the changing context for the communication of scientific research. We'll also try to make sense of some thornier questions related to Fake News and Post-truth politics, as well as the concept of framing and its usefulness for engaging the non-scientific public.

Part 2 can be found here.


Music featured in this episode:

  • Outro “Plans fall through” by Alexia Avina
  • Opening bit featuring Trump on the Climate accord includes “Search for the Truth,” and audio from Trump’s On June 1, 2017 press conference, mixed by Cheryl Gladu. Done purely to explore some conspiratorial vibes.

The people interviewed in this episode are:

A few things referenced in the show:

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